Summary of Port, Waterway & Beach Commission Meeting

The Port, Waterway & Beach Commission met on February 10th to discuss a wide variety of topics affecting our area and CBIA association.

Topics discussed included:

Mason Inlet Relocation Project (MIRP)

• The maintenance event is underway with an estimated project completion of 20%.  Shallow Draft Inlet (SDI-5) Permitting

• The Biological Assessment is under formal consultation by the USFWS with a Biological Opinion anticipated in the March/April timeframe.

• Draft reasonable and prudent measures/terms and conditions have been evaluated by the SDI-5 contractor.

Carolina Beach CSDR Project, Beach Renourishment Evaluation Report (BRER).

• A stakeholders meeting was held on January 25th.

• The USACE awaits BRER funding from either the President’s FY17 Budget or the USACE’s FY16 workplan.

And more!

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Carolina Beach Dredging


The sands of time can change quickly especially if you are in the vicinity of the low inlet-shaft of the Carolina Beach Inlet. With hurricanes, erosion, and the natural process of the ocean’s current, dredging is necessary for the survival of surrounding businesses, charter boats, and tourism.

There is good news for the Carolina Beach community and surrounding communities because a plan has been put into place which allow the US Army Corps of Engineering to dredge the waterways. With a small hike in fees based on vessel, charter boats, and small boat sizes and donations, the community and surrounding communities can thrive. “Don’t make the mistake of thinking of this as just a fishing thing; it affects almost everyone to some degree, and especially every business in a big area around the inlet,” said Dennis Barbour, a business owner, charter captain and former mayor of Carolina Beach.” The Carolina Beach Inlet Association wants to educate and inform the public and the politicians about the importance of inlet dredging. It is not only the responsibility of the Carolina Beach community, but the responsibility of all surrounding communities and when everyone pulls together, a sustainable inlet can provide navigation for everyone.