Ways to Avoid a Shark Attack


North Carolina coastlines have been on the news quite a bit since June 8th where shark have attacked swimmers and vacationers in waist deep water. This is unusual behavior for the sharks because humans are not their choice of food and most attacks are presumed to be mistaken identity for other prey. There are steps to follow which can help prevent shark attacks.

  1. Do not wear shiny or bright attire. These colors and shiny jewelry can mimic the shimmering scales of fish.
  2. Do not recline on your surf board. Reclining on a surf board appears like the torso of a seal underneath the water. An example of this was described in the news a few days ago when a competitor in South Africa was waiting to start his competition and was attacked.
  3. Do not go in the water if you have a fresh wound that is bleeding. Blood attracts sharks.
  4. Do not go in the water when you see a bunch of seagulls flying around. This is an indication that there are schools of fish which means a shark could be searching for his next meal.
  5. And last, but not least. If there are red flags up along the beach, be sure to ask a lifeguard why they are up and heed the warnings.