What is our purpose?

CBIA wants inform the community about issues surrounding the Inlet. We also hope to schieve the following:

Raising of Funds
To coordinate the raising of funds for the long range dredging, Maintenance, and maintaining safety for commercial, pleasure, emergency traffic through Carolina Beach Inlet for city, county, federal and any other source.

Inform & Educate
To inform and educate the public and governments of the economics and benefits of keeping Carolina Beach Inlet dredged and maintained for safety.

Strong Voice
To provide a united and strong voice to any municipal, governmental, or other regulatory or rulemaking body.

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Ready to Get Involved?

Make it your goal to become a member of CBIA in 2016!

The Carolina Beach Inlet Association (CBIA) educates the public and politicians on the importance of keeping North Carolina’s Shallow Draft Inlets dredged for safe navigation. Support for CBIA is vital to the ongoing preservation of the area inlets.

Anyone who is an owner, operator or captain of a charter headboat, commercial vessel, recreational boat, merchant or businessman having an interest in the activities of the Association, and those persons working on the boats or in the businesses. The area of membership is primarily the Southeastern section of North Carolina, but certainly not limited to just this area. All members have full voting and other privileges, provided he is qualified under such rules as the membership committee may provide.

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