Views of Carolina Beach

Who We Are

The Carolina Beach Inlet Association is a non-profit (501-C3) educational organization. Our goal is to educate the General Public, Local Leaders, as well as State and Federal Legistlators, the importance of keeping our inlet both open and safe navigation. In addition to it being recreational asset, it is absolutely vital in order for First Responders & Rescue Personnel to do their jobs. Then factor in Carolina Beach's economy, and property values.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to preserve and maintain our inlet!! There has been NO dredging $$ allocated in Federal Budgets for years now. All funding must come from New Hanover County and the State of NC. We show how the inlet is a money maker for both towns, county and state. Simply put, if we lose the inlet, we not only lose a resource, we lose millions in tourist dollars, tax revenues, thousands of jobs as well as plummeting real estate values.

Our Goals

  1. Short Term

    During the short term, we continue to grow our organization (post COVID-19) back to the size it was before the virus. Our voting districts have changed. We are now represented by NC Rep Charlie Miller, a proud supporter of ours from Brunswick County. Rep. Ted Davis is still a LARGE supporter of ours, though we are no longer in his district. These two work really hard in Raleigh to help obtain any additional State assistance we can get for dredging. Remember, the State pays 2/3 of the cost of dredging, New Hanover County pays the other 1/3.

  2. Long Term

    Long Term, we seek to update our Economic Impact Studies provided by UNCW. The cost of such exceeds $18,000, a price we knew and prepared for. That being said, we will still seek grants and funding locally, statewide and nationally, as those studies will be used extensively across the UNC University System. We will continue to grow Membership, hopefully surpass Capt. Mike Britt's Membership of 230+ PAID Members. Currently, we are back to 133. We would appreciate your help as a citizen. If you are a local business owner - it's crucial!

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    Keep abreast of our monthly meetings and other special events we host such as our Annual Great Chowder Cookoff and Christmas Shrimperoo, an exclusive just for Members.

    Our Purpose

    1. Raising Awareness

      We are a small associaton, with a loud voice. But there are still some that don't even know we exist, we want to change that. The CBIA is an important resource for both the community, county and the state.

    2. Inform & Educate

      Our mission is to inform and educate the public and governments of the importance of maintaining Carolina Beach Inlet. It is a real neccessity with regards to Rescue situation. And the economic impact and benefit for the Island is valued in 10's of Millions of Dollars.

    3. Strong Voice

      Our Local, County, State and Federal Representatives regularly attend our Meetings, the first Tuesday night of each month. We want to present a strong community voice. This inlet is the livelihoods of many of our area citizens. From Fishermen to Tourist, they love and use our inlet. Let's keep it both open and safe for navigation.

    Our Videos
    Visit Us Today

    Visit our YouTube Channel Today, Their you will find all of our 6 videos, filled with information you can share. And you will recognize many of the faces.

    2024 CBIA Inlet Study

    Click here to view our latest inlet study. We spent a small fortune to have it commissioned and it has a world of information. Click Here to be amazed by the study's supporting documents!

    American Legion Post 129

    Join us the first Tuesday of each month at American Legion Post 129 in Carolina Beach. We meet at 6PM for dinner and networking, the meeting itself starts at 6:30PM.